Stare at it long enough and youll learn kung fu! Or see a 3D Statue of Liberty.
  • Stare at it long enough and you'll learn kung fu! Or see a 3D Statue of Liberty.

The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions get a lot of shit—and god knows most it's well-deserved—but that might not be stopping the Wachowskis from making a few more Matrix flicks, at least according to Keanu. Via the syntactically challenged AICN:

[Keanu] Says he met the Wachowski's (no emphasis on the word brothers), for lunch over Christmas and stated that they had completed work on a two picture script treatment that would see him return to the world of the matrix as Neo. Says the brothers have met with Jim Cameron to discuss the pro's and con's of 3D and are looking to deliver something which has never been seen again. keanu stated that he still has an obligation to the fans to deliver a movie worthy of the title "The Matrix" and he swears this time that the treatment will truly revolutionise the action genre like the first movie. Wachowski's are working on a movie called "Cloud Atlas" at the moment, once that concludes they will talk again.

(A) The Wachowskis adapting David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas sounds way more badass than anything they could crank out that'd be Matrix-related, but...

(B) I'm actually pretty okay with this. I still love the first Matrix, dig The Animatrix, and, despite their flaws—which were readily evident in Reloaded, but made Revolutions damn near unwatchable—I don't feel like the Matrix's two sequels totally salted the virtual earth. The Wachowskis are smart, and talented, and have an impeccable eye for action—the trippy, crazy, goofy Speed Racer is still sadly underrated—so hell, maybe they've learned a thing or two from the angry reception that greeted The Matrix's first two sequels. It's not the worst idea in the history of everything, is all I'm saying.

Plus, this trailer for The Matrix Reloaded still makes me want to watch the movie. Now that's saying something: I know how crappy this movie is, yet this trailer still makes me want to watch it again. That's either a franchise I want to like more than I actually do, a pretty impressive testament to how cool the original Matrix is, or some damn fine trailering.