I wrote this post before coffee this morning, and it originally started out with a "Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?" headline. I knew I was caffeine dependent, but man...that's unforgivable. Moving on: Endless Simmer has named America's top-10 new sandwiches, and Meat Cheese Bread's Maple comes in at #4. If you haven't had the pleasure, The Maple is two pieces of maple-currant bread pudding, shaved fennel, sausage and chipotle cheddar. It's probably my third most frequently ordered sandwich on their menu (breakfast burrito not included) behind the Park Kitchen (flank steak, pickled onions, blue cheese mayo, lettuce and vinaigrette) and the B.L.B. (Neuskies smoked bacon, golden beets, lettuce and aioli on sourdough), but Endless Simmer is right that it's the most innovative.

Congrats! Meat Cheese Bread is one of my favorite standbys in town...the honor is well deserved. But my real motive for writing is more self-interested. I want some of our local sandwich shops to copy these other ideas. I'm particularly interested in No. 7 Sub's Brussels Sprouts Sandwich ("brussels sprouts, granny smith apples, and crushed peanuts on a sandwich roll") and Baguette Box's Crispy Drunken Sandwich ("tender chicken deep-fried and glazed in a tangy brown sauce, then served on a crispy baguette with caramelized onions and cilantro."), but really, I want to try all of these.

I don't want to come off as ungrateful, I'm thrilled with our local sandwich craftsmen (People's Sandwich, Bunk, Mr. Kenny & Mr. Zuke), but there's got to be a couple food carts out there with a little space on their menus. A few hot, steamy, sandwich pics after the jump (SFW, unless you're real hungry).

Brussels Sprouts Sandwich — No. 7 Sub, New York

Crispy Drunken Sandwich — Baguette Box, Seattle

The Spuckie — Cutty’s, Boston