If you're like me, you're pissed as hell that Justin Bieber isn't on TV every week (or every day of every week for that matter)—but ALL THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE. (At least in regards to next week.)

Bieber will appear on [David] Letterman's show not once but twice next week. On Monday, Jan. 31, he'll be a guest. And sing. And on Friday, Feb. 4, he'll deliver the Top 10 list.

See?!? I'm not the only fogey who loves Das Beeb! And don't forget:

Letterman's network, CBS, will telecast the annual Grammy awards show on Sunday, Feb. 13, and Bieber is scheduled to perform with Usher and Jaden Smith. [And] the teen will reprise his role as a murderer on the Thursday, Feb. 17, episode of "CSI."

AND!!! Don't miss (though I'm sure you will) Beebles appearance on this Sunday's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, 8 pm). Here's a preview clip in which the subject of the makeover could be a little more fucking excited, if you ask me. (Also: I appreciate that you're being generous and all, but... ugly vest, Justin.)

ALSO!!! Biggest Justin Bieber Fan #2 (Commenter Graham) sent me this link. WHAT, EXACTLY ARE THEY TRYING TO INFER??

IN ADDITION!!! JB congratulates True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld for being 14... ... ... ... oh! And for getting an Oscar nomination.

PLUS!! Beebs gets yet another magazine cover, this time on the aptly named fashion mag LOVE. All hail "the beautiful one!"


P.S. ONLY FIVE MORE ENTRIES UNTIL WE HIT THE "100th BIEBER FEVER POST"!! (Get ready to uncork that champagne!)