I've said it before but it bears repeating: Mudai, on 801 NE Broadway, is a strange but good place to see comedy. The room is intimate enough where you've got no choice but to pay attention or get the fuck out, which would be bad for music but not jokes. It works both ways: when a comedian is bombing, they know to wrap things up.

Tonight Mudai welcomes another installment of Ride The Lightning, hosted and curated by Timmy Williams, once the Whitest Kids You Know. He's a strange fucker with a squeaky voice, tales of his marriage and his former life in the south. Along for the ride are Ben Varley, "Preacher," Mark Saltveit, Kristine Levine, and one of my local favorites, the deadpan, one-liner twisting Tim Hammer. For five bucks on a Tuesday night, it'd be hard to do much better.

Ride The Lightning @ Mudai, 801 NE Broadway St. - 9PM - $5