Today in the New York Times, Mark Bittman announced the end of his long-running recipe column The Minimalist. But it's good news, because now he'll be writing about food an farming issues in the opinion section of the Times:

In part, what I see as the continuing attack on good, sound eating and traditional farming in the United States is a political issue. I’ll be writing regularly about this in the opinion pages of The Times, and in a blog that begins next week. That’s one place to look for me from now on. The other is in The Times Magazine, where I’ll be writing a recipe column most Sundays beginning in March.

I know he isn't "foodie" enough for some people, but I'm a huge Bittman apologist (I have yet to run across a more useful all-purpose cookbook than How to Cook Everything, or How to Cook Everything Vegetarian if that's how you swing). That said, dude has produced 13 years worth of columns, not to mention multiple cookbooks. That's plenty. I'm glad he's shifting his attention and influence to food politics—it seems a logical step, anyway, after he ramped up the prosthelytizing Food Matters and the (non-essential) Food Matters Cookbook.