Photo of the crowd at a White Fang show at the Artistery
  • Photo of the crowd at a White Fang show at the Artistery

Well, this is terrible news. In a devastating blow to the already battered local all-age music community, Portland showspace the Artistery is closing down for good. After eight years—a lifetime for a barely-funded DIY venue—the SE Portland space will be shuttering in March.

The Artistery has been a steady member of the "All-Ages" or, more accurately, the "art-should-be-available-to-everyone" community since 2001 and will undoubtedly be missed. As George says, though, "All Things Must Pass". So, in the spirit of letting things go, we are announcing that The Artistery will be closing its doors in March 2011. In short, the development company who owned 4303 and 4315 SE Division sold the properties last week to a much larger developer who has plans to level the property. The Artistery will not be looking for a new location. It was a tough decision to make, but we feel as though The Artistery has run its course, and now it is time to make way for new and fresh ideas within the All-Ages community.

Honestly, this is likely to be more damaging to local music than the end of Satyricon (that club's best days were a thing of the past). Shows at the Artistery offered a glimpse of some of the finest up-and-coming bands—both local and national—in a casual and intimate setting. It was as informal as a house show, but with the efficiency of a venue.

The Artistery will be celebrating their respectable run with a week-long celebration in the middle of March. We'll post the details on that when they become available. In the meantime, please support your local all-age venue, before they all disappear.

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