Say You Want a Revolution! Egypt's young people continue protests against their authoritarian president for the third day as the protests spread to the streets of Yemen.

Republicans Want More Immigrant Raids: Remember the good ol' days when federal officers would swarm factories, hauling away people without papers? More of that, please, say national Republicans.

Trying an 11-Year-Old as an Adult: Apparently the people who run America's justice system think this is a good idea.

Chillax 101: Study finds that college freshman are more stressed out than ever.

Dubai is Siiiiiiiinking! The giant man-made luxury islands around Dubai are dissolving into the sea.

Abortion Doesn't Lead to Depression: Says a new authoritative study debunking an anti-abortion myth.

Uganadan Gay Activist Killed: A human rights leader outed as gay in the country where homosexuality is illegal has been beaten to death. Who outed him? A newspaper called "Rolling Stone" that published the names and addresses of 100 gay people next to the headline, "Hang Them." Ugh.

Chocolate Famine! Civil unrest in the Ivory Coast, where 40 percent of the world's cacao beans are grown, has led to a national chocolate drought.

Pot Catapult! Border agents find a giant catapult used to launch marijuana from Mexico to Arizona.


Obama's Favorite Businessman Back in Portland: The owner of a Hawthorne auto shop invited to the State of the Union is back to work.

Best Bus Tackle: When a crazy guy starts attacking a TriMet bus driver going 40 MPH, a former Marine and wrestler on board pins him until police arrive.