This is it: the final weekend of Fertile Ground 2011. Last Thursday I recommended a few events, and this week Alison shared some thoughts about three shows she saw, some of which you may still have a chance to see if you haven't already. (Or even if you have—Wm. Steven Humphrey makes a cameo in the latest episode of Captured by Aliens!) And this weekend brings a few more opportunities to see interesting, fresh, local performance. So go do it already!


Bridgetown, a Musical (staged reading): You love Portland. I love Portland. Portland loves Portland. Makes you want to sing sometimes.

Groovin' Greenhouse: Polaris Dance Theatre's Dance Hub seems to be the belle of the FG '11 ball, so if you see anything from the festival, this should be the thing.

Stories: From the Streets: Lunacy Stageworks partners with Street Roots to present Stories: From the Streets, featuring poetry, stories, music, and visual art by the homeless. As seen in My, What A Busy Week!

Communicatos: Sketch comedy from the founders of Curious Comedy. Looks like a good time, dudes!

As usual, tickets are available through the Fertile Ground website or at the door.

I really hope y'all will go experience some of the wide array of new artistic work we're surrounded by this week. I won't get to see most of these because I'm in one (last plug, I swear), so feel free to do my job for me and tell us what you saw and what you thought of it.