Egyptian Protests: Police Hit Back. Anti-authoritarian protests continue in the streets of Cairo. Here's amazing photos, here's stories of police pounding protesters with tear gas, here's a story about Egypt's internet blackout, here's Al Jazeera English streaming live.

Not Quite as Important: Assault with a ham sandwich.

Go Car Go! Ford reports its largest profit in 11 years.

Born Here, But Not a Citizen. Arizona is looking to rewrite the country's most basic citizenship law to battle illegal immigrants' so-called "anchor babies."

Okay, Rahm is Back. Looks like Rahm Emmanuel is back on the Chicago mayoral ballot. Enough with the flip flopping!

It Was an Inside Job! John Stewart joins the totally-not-funny board planning New York's 9/11 memorial.

Google vs. Torrents. It's gonna be a bit hard to download every episode of The Wire: The web giant blocks search results for file sharing software.

Challenger: It Blew Up 25 Years Ago. Today is the anniversary of the space shuttle gone terribly wrong.

Home Depot: For the Laaaadies! Big box home renovation stores are trying to attract more woman. What do women want? Apparently wide aisles, clear signage, and curtains in the hue of "tilled soil."

This Can't Go Well: Mark Zuckerberg might be on SNL.

Portland's Forgotten Famous Spy: Brian Libby has a cool piece about Claire Phillips (AKA "High Pockets"), a female spy from Portland who snuck messages into the Pacific front during WWII.