You know why I remember last Tuesday so well (besides the fact that it was my last day before a nice, long vacation)?

That was the day all hell broke loose—on TV, on the blogs, etc.—about what appears to have been Portland's first stolen food cart.

I'll refresh you if you've forgotten: Sometime late Sunday, January 16, or early Monday, January 17, someone managed to haul off Azul Tequila, a Mexican food cart, from the A La Carts pod (I kinda hate that name) near SE 50th and Division. It was a sad tale but with a happy ending, mostly. The cart was found a day later over on NW 23rd Avenue, but with major damages and $10,000 worth of equipment stolen.

So ... here's where all of you come in. To help the cart's owner, Alfredo Franco, get back to slinging his fare, all the rest of the carts at the A La Carts pod are holding a fundraiser February 5. That's a Saturday. Eat there, and businesses will give some of the proceeds to Franco. To further entice you, they'll be staging something like a carnival, with prizes and games and music.

Go be helpful.