Sad news coming in from 45th and Belmont. Don Younger, the undisputed godfather of Oregon craft brews and proprietor behind the Horse Brass Pub, is reportedly unconscious and on a respirator in the cardiac intensive care unit. OregonLive is reporting that he's not expected to survive long. Younger's influence on NW beer can't be overstated. Any number of heavy-hitter breweries—Widmer, Bridgeport, and Full Sail, among others—can trace their roots back to conversations over pints in Younger's bar.

John Foyston at OregonLive is reporting from the Horsebrass, where friends, brewers, fellow-publicans, and admirers are raising pints of Younger's Special Bitter. I imagine the toasting will carry on late into the night, and we'll update you with news of Younger's condition as it becomes available. For those unfamiliar with the Portland legend, I might point you to Brian Libby's 2006 profile in Imbibe.

Updated:It's been reported that Younger passed around 12:30 this morning. He will be missed. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any word of a public memorial.