A portrait of Egypt in chaos: Amid the sixth day of massive, full-throated protests aimed at toppling dictator Hosni Mubarak, the military is bringing in the big guns but still doing little, police officers are melting away from major cities, inmates are walking the streets, and the US Embassy is preparing flights to rescue American citizens. But there is hope, too. Opposition figure (and erstwhile nuclear watchdog) Mohamed ElBaradei shouted through a bullhorn to Cairo crowds, “We are beginning a new era in Egypt. What we have begun cannot be reversed." Portlanders held a rally of their own in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

And you know who else is watching what's happening in Egypt really, really closely? Israel. While 30 years of Mubarak has been shitty for Egyptians, it's been pretty good for Israel, translating to 30 years of peace between the two nations, once the fiercest of foes.

In America, the Republican Party remains enamored with devouring itself, one crusty white-man incumbent at a time. The Tea Party faithful, ever bolder now that the taste of man-flesh is on their lips, are getting a head start on next year's GOP Enemies List. Suddenly, even conservatives like Orrin Hatch in Utah might not be conservative enough.

And that whole governing-instead-of-just-shouting thing? The NYT's Frank Rich deftly explains why that might not be going so well for the Tea Party.

I don't even know where you'd buy a globe, but here's hoping that if you do know where, you didn't. Because it's about to be outdated. Thanks to an overwhelming affirmative vote by the long-suffering people of southern Sudan, the giant African nation will split in two this summer.

Hey, remember Kyron Horman?
Still missing. People with uniforms are still looking.

Because it's not worth watching Saturday Night Live, you probably didn't see that Facebook wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg appeared briefly alongside the actor who played him the The Social Network. More people will probably wind up watching the web video than the actual episode.

One scientist's wild dreams for the future of "meat": It one day will be grown in "carneries," football-field-size laboratories filled with large bioreactors. And hunger and gas-producing cattle farms, etc., blah blah... will be a thing of the past.

Here's someone who's apparently been fed some of this engineered meat. You should watch the whole thing, even if it hurts you.