Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is desperately trying to placate a tidal wave of uprising by shuffling around his cabinet (yeah, I don't think it's gonna work either).

You think Atlanta's airport is bad? Try Cairo's!

According to reports, there are 2400 Americans seeking help in getting out of Egypt.

Oscar winning composer John Barry (Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice) dead at age 77.

Another huge snow attack coming—this time in Chicago.

New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight didn't mind being outed by Tiffany, since he was "out" already. You know what this story is missing? Punky Brewster.

Today in "Sounds funny, but actually kind of isn't" news: An Oregon rancher at a cattle auction is killed by a cow.

Another example of "Not the Best of Oregon City": A 13-year-old shoots his friend in the head with a gun.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Chilly-ish, but nice and sunny through the week!

And finally, The Lonely Island has a great new song that will also help you pick up chicks. It's called "The Creep." (Special guest star: John Waters!)