One of the first major projects of the 2030 Bike Plan will hopefully make for a smoother ride between NE and SE Portland: The 50s bikeway project will improve the bike route from NE Hancock all the way to SE Woodstock at around 53rd Avenue.

The project keeps with Portland's overall approach to bike planning: Make numerous small changes to neighborhood streets that make them better for bikes, rather than making major overhauls of busy arterial streets. So instead of, for example, a concrete-separated cycletrack running along SE 60th, we're getting a series of stop signs, speed bumps, bike boxes, and curb extensions along NE 53rd and SE 57th. This kind of planning usually means less conflict and less cost, but some cycle advocates criticize it for not making big enough changes fast enough. Almost all of the cost of the bikeway is covered by a federal grant—about $1.4 million of the project's $1.5 million pricetag—though the actual amount of city money that will be used is still up in the air as the design is hammered out.

Anyway, here's the map of the proposed route! Download a copy here if it's not large enough.