The Next Egypt: Jordan! The king of Jordan dismisses his government, hires a new prime minister.

Massive March! More than a million people flood the streets of Cairo, demanding Mubarak step down.

Vetting Revolution: The Obama administrations seems to be (finally) officially turning against Mubarak and are scrambling to size up opposition leaders.

Egypt Hackers! Google launches a version of Twitter that allows Egyptians to post via landlines.

Tech Support from Prison. Forget outsourcing call centers to India. The new cutting edge thing is outsourcing call centers to Indian prisons.

Bush <3 The Gays: One of GW Bush's daughters, Barbara, makes a video in support of gay marriage.

Mandatory Gun Ownership: A bill in South Dakota would require citizens to own a gun.

The Oscar Curse: Win Best Actress, get divorced.

Human Entrails. In Marzipan. Perfect for your Valentine!

Police Shooting in Gresham: A man described as suicidal dies in an officer-involved-shooting last night.

Leaking Oil Into the Columbia: A rusty barge is oozing oil into the river.

The Sports! Don't touch that dial! Trailblazers liveblog tonight on Blogtown!