Oh, hello. It's me, Olive the Pug, the official office dog of The Mercury. Over the course of the past six years I have been featured in this paper and online countless times.

Recently it has been brought to my attention that the creatively bankrupt animal plagiarists at the Willamette Week have launched a blog for their disfigured corgi (or whatever mangled breed it claims to be) mascot, Bruce. This town is surely big enough for two weekly paper pups—plus, I'm petite as fuck—but it seems that in classic WW tradition, Bruce is ripping me off.

Case in point, this dashing photo of me from our 2006 drinking issue.. Man, I got so wasted off Sessions that night. Sure enough, over four years later, there is this crap. Stupid Bruce, you can't even get up to the bar.

And again, this photo of me from 2009 wearing the Fantastic Mr. Fox promotional tie. Damn I look good. So good that we blogged that picture a second time last year. Maybe that is where the uncreative WW hacks got the idea to strap the very same tie around this bloated waste of fur.

I'm not saying this is animal plagiarism—okay, maybe I am—but there are a LOT of similarities. To summarize, fuck you Bruce.