Okay so we all laughed when Andrew Christian came out with his penis-enhancing underpants, but at least we knew where he was coming from. His latest, Valentine's Day-themed foray into men's underwear are "snuggle pocket briefs," which I just... I just don't get. The official explanation doesn't really help: "your package falls naturally into the super soft snuggle pocket... the pouch virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating, and chafing." Wow, really, is that what dudes have to contend with every day? Sucks to be you! And while I'll leave judgment on whether this device/undergarment looks comfortable to the relevant parties, when it comes to the aesthetics of the penis hang...


That's not really doing it for me. Let's see the "sheer, sexy, red mesh [back]... that allows a hint of skin to show through."


Hmm. Anybody?

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