I'm friends with a crossdresser who has to hide this part of his life from others. Dressed he really is stunning, as he has all the features of a woman and can pass easily. I have been friends with him for years. I've actually had this person over to my home several times as well as in my bed. Not for me but for my hubby who has a love for CDs and the trans girls. I have no problem with this. My problem stems from this person wanting to come over to fuck my hubby. I have allowed him to come over a few times to fuck my hubby. Hubby is submissive so he fucks who I say basically. I didn't mind it in the beginning but now it's getting a annoying. I understand the "secret" dilemma but I have pointed out how he can meet others like him (and my hubby) but those conversations always end with an excuse about why he can't risk letting anyone else besides us in on his secret.

I'm tired of being the only support system for him. Ya, it's tough to be who he is, but if you want to live this life you need to live it. I have been there for him for years and he calls when he wants some dick, my hubby's, and I always oblige. I'm GGG and have a lot of trans friends and I've offered to introduce him to my trans friends more than once but he never goes because something ALWAYS comes up.

Help me?

Solitary Support

My response after the jump...


Allow me, commenters: FAKE! This letter is a fake! FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

It sure reads that way... now that I've finished cutting the details that 1. convinced me this letter isn't fake and 2. would've outed the letter's author, her hubby, and their pushy, crossdressing, cock-hungry buddy. So just trust me on this one, okay? It's for realz.

Okay, SS, you say your husband is submissive and "basically" fucks whoever you tell him to. Doesn't that submission shit cut both ways? Shouldn't he refrain from fucking whoever you tell him not to fuck?

I'm thinking you haven't gone there—that you haven't pulled the hubby off the cross—because he enjoys these hookups just as much as your pushy CD friend does, and you haven't called a halt to the action because... you're more of a submissive than you realize or are willing to admit. So instead of telling your hubby, "Hey, this is getting out of hand, I'm not digging it anymore, so no more CD for you"—a move that would require you to take some toppish responsibility for calling the whole thing off—you want your CD to take the hint and stop asking for what you're powerless to deny him, e.g. your husband's ass and/or dick.

Sub or dom, SS, if you're not into this anymore, if it's making you uncomfortable, you have a right to call the whole thing off. You just have to find the nerve.