So after three months they're back. Co-host Mikey Kampmann has returned from Ethiopia. Co-host and former Mercury intern has returned from New York (dude, that's it? Are you done "making it?"). And co-host Paul Schlesinger returns from... I dunno, the bathroom?

Anyway, it's been a while since the last iteration of Portland's cuddliest, indie-friendly comedy showcase and a lot has changed. A lot. It's sunny out now, for instance. And unemployment was extended, so you got that going.

There was the debut of a show called "Portlandia," which pretty much changed the face of comedy itself, not to mention sobered up all the wanna-be artists of the titular city. They felt Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's sketch show as a clarion call that blew them out of this alternate, organic granola-soaked reality. All have since joined Doctors Without Borders or are filming their own sarcastic TV shows.

Now, will Comedy is OK still work in this post-"Portlandia" era of civic responsibility? God knows. All I can tell you is what they've got planned:

This show promises to shatter your expectations of what three tall young white men can accomplish. Featuring original videos filmed in Portland, New York, Arizona and Ethiopia, stand-up by Ian Karmel, verdugo & WIFE, and live sketches from some of Portland’s most relevant celebrities. All in all, pretty fucking OK.

Translation: more sketches and videos, less stand up sets from local comics.

OK then. No pun intended. How about I show you a video teaser for the show and we be done here? These Africans aren't going to save themselves. Thanks Carrie.

TONIGHT: Comedy is OK @ Clinton St. Theater - 9:00PM - $5 (or barter)