The latest sign that '90s nostalgia overload is just around the corner: MTV has announced the return of Beavis & Butthead. Well, to be fair, that honor was placed in the capable hands of the cast of Skins and Justin Bieber:

"Solid day in NYC," Canadian pop sensation and "Never Say Never" star Justin Bieber tweeted Wednesday. "Played hoops and just went to the MTV Upfronts...BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD are coming back!!!"

@jbieber huhuhuhuh hehehehe
  • @jbieber huhuhuhuh hehehehe

Has Justin Bieber ever seen an episode of Beavis and Butthead? Does a new B&B mean MTV will start playing music videos again? In a post-South Park world doesn't Beavis and Butthead seem kinda quaint? Will this be like that time Spike TV tried to bring Ren and Stimpy back? Does this mean Mike Judge is done with filmmaking?

So many questions!!