Heads up on another (new?) spot where cops are apparently tagging cyclists with hefty fines for using the old "California roll-through." Whatever happened to the talk about making this legal?

Portland is a wonderful city to bike in. I've been commuting to work on my bike for nearly 6 months and it's been great. Last night around 7pm, on my bike home, I was the unfortunate victim of a sting operation. I was riding East across the Morrison Bridge. Coming down the hill on the far side there's stop sign at Water Avenue. You can see quite far in both directions leading up to the stop sign. I braked a bit while riding down the hill and stopped pedaling. As I approached the stop sign I could clearly see no cars were coming and proceeded to turn right without coming to a stop. This is what I've done every day for months and what every other bicyclist does at most every stop sign. Coming to a complete stop on a bicycle is impractical when you can clearly see there's no cars coming. Half a block away a police officer was waiting at the corner of Yamhill and Water. I proceeded to get pulled over and given a $287! ticket for not stopping at that stop sign. That's over half the total cost of my bike. It's possible there's been some accidents at this intersection but I've never seen one over the past 6 months. So, riders beware. As it stands, this just seems like a horrible waste of police resources.

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