Another week, another Mercury music section to stare at blankly while you get high from smoking a joint you rolled with your Wavves papers. Eh, that's not impressive. Call me when there is a Wavves six foot bong. No, seriously. Call me.

We examine at the mythical legend of Lemmy Kilmister's mole. Oh, he has a band as well? Motörhead? Huh, sounds pretty "foreign" to me. Now about that mole...

Motörhead - "Ace of Spades"

Super producer Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan, that really bad Scott Weiland solo album) steps away from his recording studio, and large pile of money, to join the ranks of supergroup Black Dub.

Black Dub - "Silverado"

My grandfather's dying words to me: "Son, never trust a grown man in a homemade bunny mask." Whatever, gramps. You clearly never heard Nobunny before. Now can I have some more Werther's Original?

Nobunny - "Live It Up"

Against Me! and punk rock are splitting up. But they want you to know that they both still love you very much and it's not your fault. (It's totally your fault.)

Against Me! - "Gypsy Panther"

End Hits: What kind of cell phone does Lemmy use? Motörola! Ugh, I hate myself for that joke.