Wow, looks like both Rose City Rollers bouts are sold out for this weekend. Might be time to break out your sad puppy-dog eyes at the box office or make nice with a scalping-like person who may or may not be in the parking lot of the Hangar at Oaks Park (7805 SE Oaks Park Way) this weekend. But frankly, I think you're S.O.L.

This is what the ticket-less will be missing: Your hometown mamas, the all-star skaters in the Wheels of Justice are taking on the Motor City maniacs of the Detroit Derby Girls. That goes down tonight. Tomorrow sees game two of the season: those stone-cold foxes in the Heartless Heathers vs. the risque risk-takers of the High Rollers. It should be a much closer game than last weekend's game-one drubbing of the Guns 'N Rollers by the Break Neak Betties (209-73: ouch).

Game three doesn't roll around 'til March 19.

Procrastinating derby fan, you can live stream the bouts here.