Egypt: The End Seems Near-ish! Government officials have joined in the protests, while the White House tries to plan Mubarak's exit and roving gangs attack journalists.

Food Prices Sykrocket: Crazy weather and tight supplies have led to food prices increasing everywhere. Also related: Banana drama!

54 New Planets, Baby! Astronomers pinpoint 54 previously unknown planets where life might exist. Now if only they could find lives for themselves. aHA!

Unemployment Down, But Few New Jobs Created. How does that work? Here's the maths.

New Orleans Shrank by 29 Percent: The first post-Katrina census shows exactly how many people left and never came back.

Yesterday's Outrage, in case you missed it:


Want a Verizon iPhone? Too bad! They're already sold out.

Google Earth Archaeology: Researchers found 1,082 unknown tombs on the Arabian Peninsula using Google Earth.

Multnomah County Will Slash Dozens of Jobs: Trimming the county budget with the axe.

Arrests Made in Old Town Beating: Last month, a man was beaten to death in Old Town. The police think they caught the guys who did it.

And Now We Stare at Spiderman's Ass. Happy Friday!