Sigh... remember back when Bishops Barbershop was just a wee operation, churning out rocker hairdos and free PBRs in its lone SE Hawthorne location? Well times have changed, Bishops has expanded like crazy, and they've switched to Miller High Life. On Tuesday, March 8, Bishops will celebrate it 10th anniversary by—get in line—offering free haircuts at the following locations all day (although recipients are encouraged to leave a donation for Sisters of the Road):

Alberta — 2132 NE Alberta
Downtown — 1031 SW Columbia Avenue
Southeast - 3742 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Northeast — 210 NE 28th Street
Northwest — 326 NW 21st Street
The Pearl — 1011 NW Everett Street
Sellwood — 7861 SE 13th Avenue


Bishops: Creating mood-board collage walls since 2001