Hey, its Leprechaun Andy Rooney!
  • Hey, it's Leprechaun Andy Rooney!
Remember when Watchmen was about to come out, and they thought people would actually go and see it, and so, naturally, they also thought people would want to dress up for Halloween as rapists, sociopaths, and impotent superheroes? Yeah. That went over like gangbusters.

HOWEVER. Apparently there's always, always a market for shitty, shitty Halloween costumes based on ridiculous movie characters, and thus: Hey, little kids who don't know any better! Hey sad, lonely adults! Have some Halloween abominations inspired by the upcoming Green Lantern movie!

There's Porky to the right there, sure—but head over to io9 to check out the rest. At least one of them is even worse. At least one of them will give you nightmares.

  • "Skwawk."

  • "Skwawk!"

  • "SKWAWK!"

Kiiill.... meeeeeee.....
  • "Kiiill.... meeeeeee....."