Some unthinking bastard puts a little girl mask on a monkey, and lets it walk around a restaurant. (WARNING: What is seen can never be unseen!)

:13 GAHHHH!!!
:26 Shit... SHIT!! DON'T TOUCH IT!!
:35 Oh for... just... close your legs! Especially when you're sitting next to Grandpa!
1:05 "Wait. Are they... are they laughing at me? God. They're totally laughing at me! Un-fucking-believable. Man. This super sucks."
1:23 "Fuck you guys, and fuck your mask. I'm not a clown put here for your amusement. Take your restaurant, and this… this sponge, or whatever it is, and FUCK... OFF. Nyaah. DON'T BEAT ME! DON'T BEAT ME! I'LL PUT THE MASK BACK ON!!"