Egypt! Egypt! Egypt! Protests are still going strong, but check out this interview with a Google executive who was kidnapped two weeks ago for starting a Facebook page that sparked revolt.

U.S. Teens Killed in Mexico: In one of three triple homicides in Juarez, Mexico, over the weekend (!!), two American teens were shot to death at a car dealership. One of them crossed the border every day to go to school in the US.

Gimme Your Lunch Money: School districts all harass parents in their own special way to pay for students' lunches.

Fingers Crossed! Arianna Huffington says the AOL merger will be her "last act".

Facebook Stalking: Mark Zuckerburg must be successful—he has his own Facebook stalker!

What? Free Money? Nine states fail to sign up for unemployment benefits paid by the federal government.

Obamacare: The Comic Book. An MIT economist is turning the new healthcare plan into a graphic novel. Sounds, uh, riveting.

"Virtual Twitter": Leave it to science to invent "virtual twitter".

Bristol Palin's Memoir. The 20-year-old preggers Palin plans to release a 305 page book about her life.

"A,L,F,G": Prominent Portland attorney arrested for drunk driving after crashing a Cadillac Escalade and failing to recite the alphabet.

Kelso vs. Sexting: The school district in tiny Kelso, WA, has now banned sexting at school.

Help Find Hit and Run Driver: The family of a 24-year-old Portlander hit and seriously injured by a car while biking this weekend are searching for the driver who fled the scene.