Below are three of the stupidest wearable items that the internet hath spit up into my attention this afternoon. Can you guess which one I hate the most?

The Fuxedo:

The DIY "deer with little antlers hat," which you can't even just buy but can get the ugh... get the knitting pattern for for $5.50 from... UGH... TinyOwlsMagicAttic's Etsy store.


The Ex-Girlfriend Jean for men:


If you guessed "deer with little antlers hat," you are right, my friend! You know why? Because animal themed hats are for babies only and if you think it's remotely attractive for grownups to wear them you should be sent to prison or sterilized, or at least forced to wear demeaning little twee-ass baby animal themed knitwear bullshit for the rest of your life. But that's just me. Which do you hate the most?