The Oregon Public House may very well be the country's first pub operating as a non-profit (just to be clear: having a shitty bar that makes no money doesn't qualify you as a 503(c)3). All profits will go to a charity of the customer's choice. Sounds like a bookkeeping nightmare—funneling $4 pints to each individual charity—but maybe that makes it all the more noble.

The man spearheading the project is Ryan Saari, pastor of Oregon Community Church, who rents the NE Dekum ballroom space upstairs for Sunday morning services. Many of those involved in the project so far are church members, but not exclusively so. The last thing I want to hear while drinking is some dude proselytizing, but Saari insists they aren't that kind of church...he does, however, sport the goatee style affectionately known as "The Youth Pastor."

OPH is looking for more partners (benefits range from standard tax-deductions to a beer a day for life). They plan to open this summer. The New School has a video interview with Saari, as well as some photos and sketches of the space.

I'm all for this—may their god bless 'em— but Iets hear what our Blogtown cynics think?