Y'all remember Questionland, right? Well if you haven't visited in a while go check out the new and improved version, now with local experts weighing in on certain categories, in addition to the standard peer/laymen responses. I'm one such expert for the Portland fashion/style questions, but enough about me, check out the other experts on hand: Modi Soondarotok/IDOM, Britt Howard of Portland Garment Factory, Hazel Cox, Adam Arnold, Issac Hers/Phlox's Barbara Seipp, Heather Treadway, and Katy Kippin of Grayling are all standing by to advise. You can even upload a photo of your outfit, and we'll tell you what we think. No holds barred, we promise. Fire away!


MOD: Dispensing unasked for style advice to Portland every day.