The mightiest of Portland's all-age music events has set a date for 2011's festival and pulled up stakes as well. This year's PDX Pop Now! festival will go down on July 22-24, but it won't be at Rotture. Their new home is nearby though, seven blocks away at Refuge PDX (116 SE Yamhill). The lineup is still awhile away, but now you can block out your calendar for July.

In other PPN! news, this Saturday's 80's Video Dance Attack with VJ Kittyrox event at the Crystal Ballroom will donate all the proceeds to the festival. Has anyone pointed out the irony of '80s music being used to help a bunch of kids born in the '90s? No? Regardless, Video Dance Attack is a blast and you should never miss an opportunity to dance to "99 Luftballons," especially when it's for a noble cause like this.

End Hits: Doing it for the kids. Not all of them. Just the cool ones.