A couple days ago I got an email from Portland cartoonist/Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler: "Hey Alison. You once told me to give you the heads up on stuff I'm doing if it's interesting or relevant." **facepalm**

Shannon politely ignored my complete lack of tact to point me toward his review of Portlandia, entitled "Portlandville: A Left-Coast Cartoonist on His Unspoofable City."

Last night I watched “Portlandia.” Ostensibly it’s a sketch comedy show about the denizens of my city. It’s supposed to be funny. Of course, it’s also supposed to be a parody. It’s not. Parodies exaggerate. The IFC has made a documentary. I know these bike nuts, organic restaurateurs, feminist authors, and smug hipsters. They’re the reason I can’t find an open table at Albina Coffee.

Why don’t Portlanders like “Portlandia”? Because we’re sick of reality television.

Read the whole thing on The New Yorker's blog.