Welcome to the first iteration of what I hope will become an ongoing series. In case you don't own a PlayStation 3, allow me to fill you in on one of the few truisms of Sony's console: The user-generated content coming from the LittleBigPlanet 2 player community is mind blowing.

I see it as one part "LBP2 includes brilliant editing tools," and ten parts "the people who own this platformer-cum-virtual-sandbox are the most creative gamers since Richard Garriott invented the computer roleplaying game out of a paperclip, spit and a second-hand bag of 1s and 0s." Since I don't think anyone, even those who still refuse to buy into the series for religious reasons — oh, how I wish that was a joke — should be deprived of the incredible levels and games being created and shared on the PlayStation Network, consider this new series my periodic attempt to bring you the very best of the LBP2 community.

As you read up on the highlighted level/game/whatever featured below, please keep in mind that what you are seeing was built on top of a platforming game by unpaid amateurs working in their spare time.

Hit the jump for the inaugural entry in the Best of LittleBigPlanet 2 series, a non-level entitled "Cause And Effect 5."

"Cause And Effect 5" by TripleTremolo

For our first entry, I'd like to spotlight a level that's completely work/family/child safe. Well, actually, maybe "level" isn't the right word. "Cause And Effect 5" isn't really a level. There is no "gameplay" to be had here. Instead you simply sit back and watch a Rube Goldberg device do its thing entirely powered by the LittleBigPlanet 2 physics engine.

Then at the end, things take a turn for the hyper geeky and everyone born in the 1980s and reading this article will suddenly get a big smile on their face.

Thanks to Youtube you can watch all four minutes below. And seriously, you must stay until the end.

(If you're a LBP2 owner and would like to "play" this level for yourself, sign in and add it to your in-game queue here: http://lbp.me/v/wesdyg. I also highly recommend queueing up the first four "Cause And Effect" levels as well. Number 5 is the best one, but the others are all clever in their own ways. Especially the third.)

If you like the idea behind this series and are a LittleBigPlanet 2 owner with some favorite levels of your own, feel free to nominate them either in the comments or via any of the more popular online ways to reach me (which does NOT include making dolls out of my hair).

At the very least I'll take a look at anything you ladies and gents suggest, as with well over a million levels, I'm almost guaranteed to miss a bunch of gems, even if I do nothing but scour the network every waking moment of the day. All I ask is that you be kind enough to include an http://lbp.me link to whatever you want me to check out, otherwise my laziness demands that I ignore it.