MUBARAK RESIGNS!!! .... now what?

Who Was that Guy, Anyway? A quick profile of the 'pharaoh' Mubarak.

What Countries Could Be Next? Egypt was under a "state of emergency" for 30 years. Other countries under a perpetual state of emergency: Syria, Algeria, Tunisia and (sort of) Israel. Meanwhile the US prepares to send aid to Egypt.

In the Future, Smokers Can't Get Jobs: Hospitals enact "no smoker" hiring policy, effectively treating tobacco like an illegal drug.

Big Middle Finger to Uncle Sam: Arizona is now trying to sue the federal government for not protecting the border.

High Speed Wireless For Rural Americans: Obama aims to get WiFi to 98 percent of America. Faster porn for one and all!

WikiLeaks Leak: Today's gossip says Julian Assange has four kids out of wedlock.

"I'll Be Back." That guy who was California's governor says he'll make more movies once he's out of office.

Man Dies in Portland Hospital Parking Lot: Police say Adventist wouldn't admit man who had a heart attack 125 feet from their door. Rep. Earl Blumenauer immediately calls for a federal investigation (wouldn't it be nice to get that kind of hop-to-it federal investigation of controversial police shootings?).

"Glock that took a Walk." Police officer leaves gun in hospital bathroom. Whoops.