Do you like geeky music? Have you somehow worn holes in your "Geek: Remixed III" and "Ocarina of Rhyme" mp3s?

Today's your lucky day.

  • OverClocked Remix

OverClocked Remix, the Internet's finest repository of remixed video game tunes, has joined forces with the "Bad Dudes," a collective who, since rescuing Reagan in '88, has taken up a lucrative career in video game music remixing. Leveraging their combined powers, the two groups recently released an album dubbed "Heroes vs. Villains."

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As you might expect, "Heroes vs. Villains" is an album consisting of remixed gaming tunes. However, the gimmick here is that the Bad Dudes worked exclusively with themes drawn from the final bosses of classic games, while the OCRemix contingent countered with themes drawn from the heroes of the aforementioned series'. The result is a juxtaposition of classic music and modern mixing styles on top of a juxtaposition of heroic and villainous themes.

The album includes a total of twenty tracks from games such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid, The Secret of Monkey Island, Castlevania, Mega Man and more. OCRemix accepts donations, but the album itself is free to download either as a full-album torrent, or as individual tracks from various mirrors.

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