Changes at the top management level of the Columbia River Crossing project! The Oregon Department of Transportation failed to renew the contract of CRC Director Richard Brandman.

Richard on the left: Heeees Out!
  • Richard on the left: Heeee's Out!

For the past two years, Brandman has been making $16,250 a month to manage the CRC.

This announcement comes after last week's major fail, when a panel of experts announced that the current plan for the bridge is terribly flawed after $100 million worth of planning went into it. Former Metro President David Bragdon (live from New York!) posted this prescient comment on that news:


ODOT spokesman Patrick Cooney writes that (temporarily at least) ODOT director Matt Garrett will continue to provide active and direct oversight of the CRC.

Anyway, let's reminisce about some fond memories, like the time he hosted a weird Powerpoint-cocktail party at an exclusive club downtown, or that neat video of him debating Stop the CRC leader David Osborn.