Awhile back, Boss Humphrey outed me as not only a Juggalo (that's bad), but as a breeder (that's worse) as well. Although that post is over a year old, it's new to commenter "KarmaKarnival," who left this message for me:

LMAO thanks Ezra for showing people Lo's and lette's can be awesome parents,not just a name on a child support check lol. I'm a Juggalette and a single mom of an awesome baby girl. MMFCL hope to see you at a show if I ever get out of my house again! lol Woop woop

Aw, how sweet. And just in case you are curious, MMFCL means "Much MotherFucking Clown Love" (I had to look that up). A good woop woop to you all.

End Hits: Juggalos with checkbooks.