Not even a week after eight people threw their hats into the race for Metro council one is already out—and it's Bob Stacey.

On a statement he posted today on his website, former frontrunner Stacey cited Barbara Roberts' decision to jump into the race as the reason he's jumping out of it:

Governor Roberts told me that several members of the Metro Council had phoned her that day, the deadline for applying for appointment to the District 6 vacancy. The first phone call came at 8:30 in the morning, from a councilor who told her that none of the applicants for the vacancy—including me—could get majority support from the Council. This councilor asked Governor Roberts to apply, so that the Council logjam could be broken... It’s clear that there’s no reason for me to continue to seek the appointment.

Instead, Stacey says he plans to run for the open seat in 2012.