No longer welcome at City Hall.
  • No longer welcome at City Hall.
Suck it, chachis! Also, old ladies!

Among the items tucked into this week's city council agenda: Portland pooh-bahs want to update the employee's city's dress code—specifically adding what amounts to a ban on stinky perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, hair treatments, and/or deodorants.

Huzz-effing-zah! Not that anyone should need to be reminded not to reek.

But the official reason for the change, sadly, has nothing to do with the general tactlessness involved in dipping yourself in Drakkar Noir or AquaNet or Axe Body Spray or Brut. According to the proposed revision, "Employees who have asthma and those who experience sensitivity to perfumes, colognes and other chemicals may suffer potentially serious health consequences due to exposure to airborne irritants."

The Bureau of Human Resources says it first asked employees about the change in December, with the "majority of the feedback received" in favor of the change. If someone still shows up to work smelling rank, their co-workers will be encouraged to snitch to the boss.

Sounds good to me. But what do you think ... has the city gone too far?