"I lied." Iraqi defector who convinced the White House that Iraq had secret WMDs now says he made it all up.

10-Day Constitution: Egypt gets 10 days to rewrite its constitution.

Protests in Iran: Leaders call for the death of opposition leaders, Hillary Clinton expresses support for the uprising.

Bahrain is Next? Two die in protests that shake up the country.

Nimble Hands Make Tiny iPods: Apple's audit of its suppliers found 91 children working in its factories and nearly two-thirds of its suppliers breaking labor laws

Chevron Should Pay Ecuador $8.6 Billion: Decades of environmental damage in the rainforest might finally catch up to the oil giant.

Berlusconi on Trial! Italy's sleazy prime minister will have to face underage prostitution charges in court.

Man vs. Computer: On Jeopardy, human competitors and a computer named Watson were pretty much tied.

WikiLeaks for "Regular People": Hacker group Anonymous sets up its own leaks page.

Bieber Hackers: Justin Bieber fans relentlessly edit Portlander Esparanza Spalding's Wikipedia page to attack her for winning the Best New Artist grammy,

Highways < Schools: Kitzhaber proposes moving $100 million from the highway budget to schools.

Scarlet Z: Washington bill proposes making drivers with a DUI on their record buy a special license plate with a Z on it.