Local environmental and transit riders' advocacy group OPAL is taking aim at TriMet transfers.

On February 21st, the group is kicking off a "Campaign for Fair Transfers" that will ask TriMet to make all bus and MAX transfers three hours instead of two or one and issue unlimited transfers after 7PM.

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The longer transfers only make sense after TriMet cut bus service, argues OPAL. From their website: "TriMet has cut bus service by over 170,000 hours leading to longer wait times between buses, overcrowded buses that pass us by, and missed transfers. Service cuts have decimated evening and weekend service. TriMet’s transfer policy is unequal and insufficient to give bus riders the time required to take care of our daily needs."

I totally agree—this seems like a simple change TriMet can make to help ease the damage of their transit cuts.

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