Portland lawyers won a landmark lawsuit against the Boy Scouts last summer, when the group was ordered to pay former scout Kerry Lewis $20 million for failing to keep him safe from a molesting troop leader even after it knew of the abuse he endured.

Today, the lawyer team filed a second major lawsuit in Multnomah County Court naming both the scouts and the Mormon church as groups that enabled the sexual abuse of young scouts as they failed to get rid of a scout leader when 17 complaints of abuse were levied against him over the course of 14 years.

The lawsuit alleged that former James F. Hogan, now 72, used his job in a Boy Scout Troop sponsored by the Mormon Church to entice and molest children in Portland. The victim was abused from 1981 to 1988, beginning when he was six years old until he was thirteen. The abuse allegedly included fondling, oral sex, and sodomy. Ugh.

According to the complaint, parents first complained about Hogan to the Mormon Church and Boy Scouts in 1967. "Although Hogan confessed to the abuse, neither the Scouts nor the Mormon Church called the police or otherwise took action to protect other boys," reads the lawyers' statement. The Boy Scouts are the official youth program of the Mormon Church.