In a fairly effective literary coup, The Paris Review announced that they'll spend the rest of the year serializing a "lost" novel by revered, deceased Chilean author Roberto Bolaño. The work, titled The Third Reich, was found amongst the author's papers after his death and dates from the mid-90's. No word on why it was never published during his lifetime.


I tend towards skepticism on such things. A lot of discovered or unpublished work by dead authors is so because it stinks, but it's always nice to read early work by one of your (my) favorite authors. And this quote from The Guardian is promising:

The Wylie Agency has described the book as "one man's descent into nightmare". But the author's long-time translator Natasha Wimmer has suggested a cheerier read, saying the novel has been a joy to work on, "mostly because Bolaño seems to have had such fun writing it. It's a buoyant novel, ominous at moments but mostly just funny."

The Paris Review has not serialized a novel in forty years.