According to always reliable Blogtown regular Joneser, the internet (and especially the girly blogs) is abuzz regarding Justin Bieber's quote in this month's Rolling Stone interview. Here's the preview that has everybody up in arms:

He isn't sure what political party he'd support if he was old enough to vote. "I'm not sure about the parties," Bieber says. "But whatever they have in Korea, that's bad." He does have a solid opinion on abortion. "I really don't believe in abortion," Bieber says. "It's like killing a baby?" How about in cases of rape? "Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that."

Uggghhh… this is why I hate watching or reading interviews with people I like. "Familiarity breeding contempt" and all that. On the other hand, as an office-mate just said to me, "Really, who gives a shit about what a 16-year-old has to say about anything?" Likewise, why even ask a 16-year-old, especially someone as far away from the political spectrum as Justin Bieber, questions of this sort, unless it's to showcase the general ignorance of 16-year-olds? (I'd rather not talk about the stupid things I believed when I was 16.) Let's discuss these hot button topics, and while we're at it, das Beebs "Johnny Rottenesque" cover photo in the comments, okay? LET'S LIGHT THIS CANDLE!

Anarchy in the C-A-N-A-D-A!
  • "Anarchy in the C-A-N-A-D-A!"