In case you missed this morning's collective Internet boner, embedded below is the trailer for upcoming game-we-know-nothing-about-except-that-it-likely-includes-zombies Dead Island.

Regardless of whether you loved the video, hated it, or only sorta liked it as friends but were open to occasional sleepovers when you're both single, do not say anything negative about that clip.

I learned that lesson the hard way when I meekly suggested the possibility that the overt e-fawning might have something to do with the emotionally manipulative violent death of a cute little girl. Now I've got a bed full of equine heads (though I am impressed by whoever brought the unicorn) and a bundle of 90s-era GamePro magazines just smashed through my sliding glass door.

(Post Script: Yes, I did appreciate the whole reverse footage thing, and the music was well chosen, but I still think the trailer cheats a bit with its choice of focus. Would you have the same reaction to the clip if that little girl was replaced by Louie Anderson?)