New light rail bridge: Now closer to a reality.
  • New light rail bridge: Now closer to a reality.

Obama's budget is pissing off lefties for freezing out the poor while increasing military spending.

But two Portland transportation projects scored big in the budget—if it passes, the feds will be handing TriMet $200 million for the planned Portland-Milwaukie light rail Orange Line. The budget also lists the light rail portion of the Columbia River Crossing as a priority to receive $850 million, though it's listed as an unfunded line item.

That's a step forward for the CRC, seeing as this time last year Earl Blumenauer was nixing federal funding for the $3.6 billion project.

It's good news for TriMet, too, which is counting on the federal money to bankroll the $1.5 billion light rail line running just over seven miles through SW and SE Portland. Now they just have to find that missing $35 million to complete their budget...