Obama says he knows his budget stinks, but puts the onus on the GOP to come to the table with ideas.

In an interview from prison, fraudster Bernie Madoff fingers the banks, claiming "they had to know" about his shenanigans.

In the Middle East and North Africa, the shit is still hitting the fan, with protests and police retaliation in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemin, and Bahrain!

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE: Friday, after Mubarak was kicked out of office in Egypt, CBS correspondent Lara Logan was beaten, and sexually assaulted by a frenzied mob.

So remember during the protests when Egypt basically "cut off the internet"? Now people are asking, "Ummm... how'd they do that?"

Happy Birthday North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and... WHADDAYA MEAN YOU'RE NOT GIVING ME A LUXURIOUS PRESENT??

Borders book store files for chapter 11—another victim of the "evil" Kindle?

Locally, a Clackamas County commissioner suggests they get their own TV show, perhaps called "Clacklandia." Hey, put a hillbilly on it! (Your suggestions regarding what minor celebrities would star and write the series in the comments below please!)

IN THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SPORTS: The Portland "Trailblazer" basketball team takes on the New Orleans "Hornets" in a home game that will launch our team from 8th to 5th if they emerge victorious. Follow all the hot LIVE BLOG action right here on Blogtown tonight with Mercury Sports Anchor, Ezra "Rusty Tailpipe" Caraeff!

Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong retires from racing.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: DIDJA SEE THE SNOW? DIDJA, HUH? DIDJA? Well, it's already melted thanks to temps in the mid-40s and rainy weather that will last till the weekend.

And finally, here's the Tourette's preacher you've been waiting for—WHOAAAAA!!! HEYYYYYY!!!—who may not use dirty words—WHOOOOOAAAA!!! PACHEW!!—but he sure does COCKADOODLEDOOOOO!!!