Remember this? That contest Ground Kontrol won declaring it the greatest arcade in, like, anywhere? The grand prize was a cool $25,000, and since pulling down that cash the people behind GK have been remodeling the place into something they've oh so technofetishistically dubbed "Ground Kontrol 3.0."

Come tomorrow evening the new digs open to the public via 21 and over party.


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Pertinent details on the above poster (more voluminous, slightly less pertinent details at GK's official site).

(Addendum: If you just can't wait to find out what's been done to the interior of your favorite arcade, the Ground Kontrol 3.0 Upgrade Center blog has reams of details on all the DIY table construction and fiber optic cable snakery that's been going down over the last few months. No shots of the finished product though, likely in an effort to drag Internet people from their misanthropy and out into the real world tomorrow night.)

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