• Illustration by Corey Thompson
So, this Friday, February 18? It's a big day for Mayor Sam Adams. Why? That's when he's scheduled to deliver his annual State of the City address. (It's also when we'll be live-blogging his every word.)

And what a speech it ought to be. Adams, it's fair to say, has been working overtime to keep his political career at the heights he fought so hard to hit back in 2008. That hasn't been easy. Thanks to his own missteps, he's halfway through a first term that, ahem, probably hasn't turned out anything like he imagined. If he wants to win a pass from voters for another four years in 2012—and money to run that campaign—this is as good a place to start as any.

Successes? Failures? He's had both. Back in December, we asked Adams, and a couple of dozen other politicians and policy buffs, what those might be and where he could improve. They told us about his innovative plan to make a needed sewer-improvement project also pay off for bicyclisdts, but lamented the botched sales job. They told us about how he's worked hard to lure businesses here and add jobs, but that the bad national economy has, in many ways, blunted his effectiveness. He's passionate, but some also say too distracted—a criticism the mayor loathes with a particular vigor.

(Read what other papers have had to say about his first two years here, here and here.)

Knowing the kind of guy he is—and how often he compares himself with a certain other politician famous for late edits to speeches—Adams will probably still be tweaking his remarks the morning after. Here's where you come in. Help a guy out. Write Sam's opening line, or his closer, if you prefer, and post it in the comments below. Winner gets their comment emailed to the mayor's staff Friday morning. No promises, natch.